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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a pure form of limestone ground into a powder. It is used mainly to provide an alkaline reserve in paper which promotes longevity. It is useful as a filler to retard shrinkage in paper castings and to make a smoother surface, and in sheet forming to improve opacity and whiteness.

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Calcium Carbonate:

   Pint            1/2 Gal.             1 Gal.
  $6.00          $15.30              $22.50

�As an alkaline reserve to assure archival qualities: DIRECTIONS: Use 1 tablespoon per pound of dry fiber. Slowly add powder to water and mix for 2 minutes. Stir evenly into pulp. Best results when added to the beater at the beginning of the cycle.

�As a filler to reduce shrinkage or increase opacity: DIRECTIONS: Use 1 cup per 3 pounds of dry fiber. Mix with 1 gallon of water, stir evenly into pulp. Note: If results are not satisfactory, add more calcium carbonate. Remember to mix with water before adding to pulp.