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Powdered Retention Agent
Powdered Retention Agent

Being dry, it lasts indefinitely on the shelf. It works with blender-prepared sheet form fiber and even with uncooked fiber. If you are using any other additives, sizing, formation aid, etc., be sure to add the retention agent at the very last.

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Powdered Retention Agent:

   1/2 pint              Pint            1/2 gal.           1 gal.
   $14.75             $24.75            $79.00          $132.00

�DIRECTIONS: Mix up a quarter percent solution (1/4 teaspoon in a pint of water) in a blender. Dilute the mixture with a gallon of water. Add pigment to your pulp, add other materials (if any), and then slowly add the solution until the pigment is retained on the fiber.