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Formation Agent

Formation Agents are used in Nagashizuki (Japanese style) papermaking. It is essential when using the Japanese fibers and can be used with Abaca to form a thinner sheet. It separates the long bast fibers and slows drainage through the mould. They are synthetic substitutes for the tororo-aoi plant. There are two types, PNS and PEO. PEO is used under most conditions when other papermaking chemicals are present, such as retention aid or methylcellulose. PNS is used where no other additives are present.

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   2 oz.              4 oz.              8 oz.            Pint
  $19.00          $26.00          $42.00          $62.00


   2 oz.              4 oz.              8 oz.            Pint
  $19.00          $26.00          $42.00          $62.00

PEO: Add cold water to a 1 quart blender until approximately 3/4 full, turn on the blender and sprinkle in 1/2 teaspoon of PEO powder.
PNS: Prepare the mixture 8 to 24 hours before papermaking. Mix 1 gram (1/4 teaspoon) of Formation Agent with 1 liter (1 quart) of cool water. Mix intermittently in a blender.

?USE: Use 1gal. of concentrated mixture per 15 gal. of water in the vat. Water drained from the vat can be saved and reused.

?STORAGE: Store away from heat and moisture. The powder has a very long shelf life when kept dry, but the liquid solution will only last a week or so.

?PRECAUTIONS: Avoid any prolonged exposure to powder; wear safety glasses when mixing. It is very slippery if spilled on a wet floor, clean up immediately.