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Internal Sizing
Internal Sizing

Paper is a naturally absorbent material. Sizing reduces this absorbency to lessen or prevent bleeding and feathering of watery media. Sizing also protects the fiber from oily media as well as dirt & pollution. Twinrocker sizing is an alkylketene dimer, often called just "dimer", in concentrated liquid form. It is used by simply diluting it in water and adding it to the pulp before or after coloring.

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Internal Sizing:

   Pint          1/2 Gal.           1 Gal.           5 Gal.
  $13.50        $24.25            $40.00            $135.00


�USE: Measure 5 ml. or 1½ tsp. sizing per 10 oz. dry fiber. Dilute with more water and mix thoroughly with pulp after the beating.

�HARDENING: It becomes effective 'hardens' or 'sets-up' after the paper is dry.

�REFRIGERATE: Do not freeze. Shelf life approximately 9 months. The refrigerated shelf-life is 12 months. Wear safety glasses when mixing. Safety data sheets available.