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Soda Ash

Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) is also called Washing Soda. Soda ash is a mild caustic useful for cooking relatively delicate raw fibers such as Kozo or raw cotton.

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Soda Ash - 1 pint     $8.50 
Soda Ash - 1 gallon    $42.25 

�USE: Used for cooking raw fiber to prepare it for papermaking.

�COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: For Oriental fibers, such as Kozo, it is usually used at 25 to 30% of the dry weight of fiber, or 4 to 5 ounces per pound of dry fiber. Do not cook in an aluminum pot, use stainless steel or enameled steel.

�PRECAUTIONS: Soda Ash is considered mild, but it is a caustic and requires careful handling. All alkali chemicals should be added to water, never add water to an alkali as spattering can occur; wear eye protection. It rarely irritates the skin, but can cause drying and cracking; wear rubber gloves.