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Binders Board
Book Cloth
Binder's Board
Binders Board

Binder's Board is the material that makes hard back books hard. It is used to make boxes and the covers of books, portfolios, albums, etc. Its surface is usually covered by gluing down paper, cloth or leather (see Slow Drying Glue) and then are attached to the structure. It is more stable than regular cardboard and much less likely to curl when coated with glue.

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Full Sheets by the bundle     - 
0.079" thick x 26" x 38" 20 sheets/bundle 36 lbs     $67.00 
0.087" thick x 26" x 38" 18 sheets/bundle 36 lbs    $66.00 

Half Sheets: (Prices are per half sheet, minimum 2 sheets)
Note: Half sheets can be combined to get the quantity discounts
when ordered at one time from this form.
----------------------------------------------- 2-9 Shts 10-25 Shts 26+ Shts
0.059 in thick x 26 in x 19 in          BDH59A        BDH59B        BDH59C
0.079 in thick x 26 in x 19 in          $5.05        $4.95        $4.75
0.089 in thick x 26 in x 19 in          $5.20        $5.05        $5.05
0.098 in thick x 26 in x 19 in          $3.60        BDH98B        BDH98C