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Books on making, glueing and binding books

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Jean G. Kropper: An excellent general presentation on book and card making that includes step-by-step instructions on creating cards and pamphlets, as well as concertina, coptic, multi-sectioned and Japanese books. Inspirational color photos of works by Keith Smith, Claire van Vliet, Peter & Donna Thomas and many others. RECOMMENDED HB, 148 pp. $27.95 Add2cart (1.8 lb.)

Geoffrey Ashall Glaister (1917-1985): Encyclopedia of the BOOK This is the standard reference guide to the terms, history and technology of the book, now as an affordable paper back reprint. If you want to know the exact meaning of diptych, op. cit. or flong, or want to win a lunchtime argument about the innards of a linotype machine, this is the book for you. It also lists the people important to the history of the book, from Didot to Goudy. It is thorough, accurate, and affordable. RECOMMENDED: SB, 551 pp., Highly Illustrated, $49.95 Add2cart

Paola Rosati: BOOKBINDING BASICS It is called Basic, but it is a very thorough Basic, everything from pamphlet stitched notebooks to a half cloth and paper journal with a rounded spine. All the basics are covered thoroughly, from cutting, folding, and measuring to gluing, sawing, and sewing on tapes. She shows how to make a sewing frame from a 4-legged stool, and how to use it. She also shows how to make books without a sewing frame, such as using nails to bind together loose sheets. One the most interesting projects is a book made of a series of publications (each is a multi-paged, stapled together publication). The sewing technique allows the finished book to open well and lay flat and it can either use the publication´┐Żs cover or a cloth and paper cover can be attached. SB, 160 pp., filled with color illustrations. $16.95 Add2cart

Vanessa-Ann: Scrapbooking is hot! Now you can turn your precious memories into a beautiful book for forever! Discover more than 70 different ideas for themes, covers, and special memories. Great information on techniques, tools, patterns and general tips for scrapbooking. SB, 128pgs., 8 1/2x11 $14.95 Add2cart (0.80 lb.)