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Dishpan paper mould
Make Your Own Deckle
Dishpan paper mould
Dishpan Mould

The Twinrocker Dishpan Paper Mould , a Twinrocker original invented by Howard Clark, allows you to easily create paper at home and make each sheet a different color! This ready made, simple mould and vat system consists of 3 plastic dishpans that are stacked. The bottom dishpan is the vat that holds water and catches the overflow. The other two pans act as the mould & deckle. Unlike the traditional paper mould which is dipped into a vat of pulp, the Dishpan Mould System allows you to change colors or to add different inclusions (like flower petals, confetti, or leaves) in each sheet.

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Dishpan Paper Mould: 6-1/2" x 8-1/2" Instructions - 3 pans (vat mould & deckle)    $34.00