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We stock books in print about papermaking, and books about subjects related to papermaking, especially those that you won't find at a shopping mall book store.
There are color photos of all the books we carry, click on the small photos to see a larger one. To speed up downloading, we have divided Books into seven categories.
  • Getting Started: Beginning papermaking, working with children at home or in school, recycling, etc.
  • Papermaking Techniques: Detailed information about papermaking, plants, chemistry, Japanese papermaking, business, etc.
  • Using Paper: Using paper after it is made i.e. printmaking, collage, framing, sculpture, papier mache, marbling, photography, etc.
  • Book Arts: Making books including structure, adhesive and non-adhesive binding, boxes, portfolios, etc.
  • Book Arts: Keith Smith Keith Smith's marvelous series on book structures.
  • Paper History: Dard Hunter, beaters, Indian papermaking, Twinrocker
  • Videos & Slides: Twinrocker & Grummer, Kathryn Clark artwork slides.
  • Twinrocker: Books about Twinrocker and books that use Twinrocker paper
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